NACA0015 wing

Example simulation of a wing

A rectangular wing of aspect ratio AR=6.576AR=6.576 with a NACA0015 airfoil is considered. Experiments of such wing were performed by McAlister and Takahashi [1] at an angle of attack α=12\alpha=12deg and Reynolds number Re=2.5×106Re=2.5\times10^6. A structured grid with 1680 elements is used. The grid is scaled so that the chord of the wing is cref=1c_{ref}=1m and the span bref=6.576b_{ref}=6.576m. The freestream velocity is set to Vref=1|\mathbf{V}_{ref}|=1 m/s. The image below shows the pressure coefficient distribution.

The images below show the pressure coefficient at y/2b=0.3091y/2b=0.3091, y/2b=0.7825y/2b=0.7825, and y/2b=1.2166y/2b=1.2166. The experimental results from McAlister and Takahashi [1] are shown for comparison.

Good agreement between the simulation and the experimental results is observed.



[1] McAlister, K.W. and Takahashi, R.K., "NACA 0015 Wing Pressure and Trailing Vortex Measurements", 1991

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