Release notes

APM 1.0.7 (upcoming)

  • Added an x-z symmetry option to the APM solver. The symmetry option reduces the solution time and the required memory by a factor of 2. Check the corresponding section in the documentation for more information.
  • Added Trefftz plane analysis option for steady and unsteady simulations. Check the corresponding section in the documentation for more information.
  • Added a secondary APM executable where the solution is performed with double-precision floating point numbers. Note that for the same number of panels, the double-precision APM executable will require more memory.
  • Support for hybrid meshes - made up of quadrilateral and triangular panels.
  • Modified the body-to-wind transformation so CL, CD and CC follow the commonly adopted convention [1].
  • Various bug-fixes.

APM 1.0.6 (4 January 2022 - latest)

  • Added support for multiple wake-body intersections. E.g. intersections between a horizontal tail and a fuselage and a main wing and a fuselage.
  • Added a "mirror" option for each control surface. By default, the value of the mirror option is 1. A value of 1 will mirror the control surface across the x-z body-fixed frame. If mirroring is not required the value of the mirror option can be set to 0.

APM 1.0.5 (10 October 2021)

  • Further improved performance by parallelising any remaining "serial" for-loops
  • Improved the panel neighbour search algorithm
  • Added a feature where a .vtu or .dat files are created if the trailing edge search algorithm fails. The files can be opened with ParaView or Tecplot and used for debugging purposes.
  • Added a feature in the .stl file reader which rounds the coordinates in the file to the 6th digit after the decimal point

APM 1.0.4 (8 August 2021)

  • Improved performance by removing unnecessary copying
  • Removed the .res output format
  • Changed the integrated loads file format from .ires to .loads
  • Removed email and password authentication
  • Removed the .mesh file format.
  • Added a custom .stl file format that supports both structured and unstructured meshes.

APM 1.0.3 (9 May 2021)

  • Fixed bugs in the restart from checkpoint feature
  • Added a new authentication method (using a licence key). The authentication method uses an environmental variable "APM_KEY".

APM 1.0.2 (27 May 2020)

  • Fixed bugs in .conf file reader and in the JSON file writer

APM 1.0.1 (17 April 2020)

  • Added a .json output format. JSON results can be viewed in the APM Viewer available at
  • Added a new method for pressure calculation (LSH) which uses inverse weighted distance interpolation and linear shape functions
  • Renamed the "high_order" option in the .conf file to "doublet_gradient_scheme". The doublet_gradient_scheme setting accepts the following values:
    • 0 - the pressure is calculated with the CHTLS scheme
    • 1 - the pressure is calculated with the WLS scheme
    • 2 - the pressure is calculated with the LSH scheme
    • 3 - the pressure is calculated with the FD scheme (the FD scheme can only be used for models with quadrilateral panels

APM 1.0.0 (30 October 2019)

  • Initial release


[1] Brian L. Stevens and Frank L. Lewis. "Aircraft control and simulation / Brian L. Stevens, Frank L. Lewis," Wiley, New York 1992.